There Goes The Neighborhood

There Goes The Neighborhood

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Out of LA and in need of something to do, the old man and I headed to the Pix Theater in the wonderfully small town of Albany, Oregon. (They serve beer there!)  This 200 seat theater is a throw back to the one screen, one movie, theater.  Best parts, 5 dollar entrance, $8.50 for decent sized popcorn and two drinks and all the Albanian chatter you can handle.  In fact we had a guy sit in front of us (I think he resembled Mike O’Malley) was pretty damn awesome.  For instance, as soon as he walked in he walked up to us, said, “Guess you guys were paying attention in Theater Appreciation Class.”…I answered, “Huh?”…He replied, “Yeah, rows 7 through 9, best seats in the house.” As he was doing this he was stepping out the rows and holding his hands in the air to mark out the section that he (and his Theater Appreciation Class members) said were the best. This was followed by him sitting down and saying, “I passed the class (pause) I mean it was theater appreciation, so basically if you showed up, you passed the class, but I passed.”  Totally awesome.  Made me want to find this class, or start one of my own, because even if there was no such thing, there should be. Was he the owner?  Was he a little off?  Is anybody listening to me?

Either way, It was one of those, he’s by himself situations, so what’s the deal here? He was loud, but didn’t put me out of my place. Dad did look over once and give me the, “uhh, is this guy crazy?” look.  I equiviollated (sp?) (Zac’s Note: I’m not even sure what you’re getting at here, so I’m leaving it as is…) it to what it would be like if I had myself 2 or 3 beers and headed down to the theater.  Best line of the night from the Mike O’Malley look-a-like was when the Taken 2 trailer ended…silence and then…”I’m friggin’ there!” (I liked him, almost asked him to head to JP’s Bar across from the theater after the show for a beer…would have been worth it.)

Down to the brass tax.  This movie was semi-slow, raunchy, but funny.  Vince Vaughn, who is epic 99% of the time, was epic.  I thought he was the best part of this flick.  He was just ON.  Classic Vince Vaughn manor, with a few different curve balls thrown into his character.  Jonah Hill wasn’t far behind him.  The still living at home, failed policeman character was clueless most of the time, but made me smile with some disturbing lines sprinkled throughout.  Main Character and the groups “straight arrow” Ben Stiller, was good, but fell a little bit short for me.  He was good, but the character he played didn’t allow him to be all that he could be. And finally, Richard Ayoada, who I honestly had no idea who was going into the movie was pretty damn good.  It was a fresh addition to the 3-some that we’ve been familiar with for so long.  Ayoada added a few twists here and there that really pushed the others.  It seemed effortless for him.

So what we had here was a murder occur at the town Costco where Stiller works. Stiller, being the town’s self proclaimed club leader, decides to start up a neighborhood watch program.  Naturally, Vaughn, Hill and Ayaoda are the only ones to show up to the first meeting and Vaughn immediately treats the group as more of a place to drink beer and hang out with the guys than a safety patrol.  During their pursuit of finding this murderer, they come to find out that we are not alone in this world.  Aliens have taken the form of people around town, and it’s up to these 4 different personalities to pull together in the time of need and lay down the law. Friendly Reminder and Spoiler: Crotch shots are alien weaknesses.

I enjoyed it. Zac would have given this thing a two or so, but the fact is.  The movie was 5 bucks, I laughed out loud a few times and spent some quality time with the old man.  I don’t think I overrate movies…Zac is just a harder critique than me.  I feel that I am honest and know what’s funny and what isn’t.  So, bite me… (couldn’t find the clip)


Nic D. Movie Scale – 3.2/5 

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