If You Had The Chance To Change Your Fate - WOULDJA?

If You Had The Chance To Change Your Fate – WOULDJA?

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Yes, I went to Brave and YES, I realize I’m a grown man going to a little kids movie.  I know all of this, but look; I find it really hard to pass up on Pixar movies (well, except Cars 2, that was a travesty). Pixar has been a piece of my childhood since I was 10 and they are legendary…just awesome!  When Toy Story came out, I, along with most of America, became a fan and have been one ever since.  Every time Pixar comes out with a movie, especially something new, I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be about.

Quick Ranking of ALL the Pixar Movies (Loose ranking…It’s harder than it looks)

1. Toy Story

2. Monsters Inc.

3. Finding Nemo

4. Toy Story 3

5. Bug’s Life

6. Brave

7. Incredibles

8. Up

9. Cars

10. Toy Story 2

11. Ratatouille

12. Wall-E

13. Cars 2

Sixth is a solid placing for this movie…

Brave made me feel young again, like a big 27 year old kid on the edge of his seat.  I’m not embarrassed by it, because to be honest with you, this movie was pretty kick butt awesome. It was funny, it was intense at times and it drove home points to this generation of kids that I think are slowly being lost. The world is a different place than it was when Toy Story came out 17 years ago. 17 years ago, we didn’t have to worry about turning our phones on silent,  and we didn’t have to worry about the creepy, homeless looking guy at the back of the movie theater just standing there with a backpack on, going in and out of the theater.  Yes, popcorn was still ridiculous in price, but let’s face it, it’s good and it’s always going to be expensive.  I think everyone should take 100 minutes out of their lives and sit through this movie.

Merida, the curly haired, red headed main character is born to be a princess, but guess what?  She’s not ready to give up her bow and childhood freedom just yet.  Her mother, Elinor wants her to quit her childish ways and pick a future husband.  Seems pretty straight forward, BUT Brave takes the standard problem between Mother and Daughter and tosses a few witchy twists on top to keep things exciting. Merida gets a wish, but guess what? The wish doesn’t work the way she expects and chaos takes over the kingdom, forcing the Daughter/Mother combo to escape, and by doing so bringing them closer together.

Pixar’s age range is limitless.  That’s why their movies are so good, I mean, where else do you see strollers and walkers side by side heading into the theater. There’s funny stuff for everyone. They have the right idea in thinking: “If we get the parents to start talking about our movie, it’s just gonna help the process, right?  Let’s have them enjoy taking their kids to the movies.”

In closing, I truly liked this movie. I can tell you now, if you put down your ‘I’m too old for this’ guard for just a moment, you’ll enjoy it too.

(Quick idea here…Maybe theaters should have a ADULT viewing for movies like this? Once a week, one 21 and older showing of the movie…Maybe follow the ArcLight beers allowed route?…That way adults without kids can feel like they can still go to the show…they won’t be bothered by the kids crawling over the seats and crying…ALSO, if you have the movie show right before another one, kids included this time, parents can wait in line with their children and point out the reasons why “drinkin’ is bad!”)


Nic D. Movie Scale – 4.1/5

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