Oh, I Forgot You've Been There and Back

Oh, I Forgot You’ve Been There and Back

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Ah, 1999.  It feels like forever ago.  During the summer of ‘99 I was just finishing up my time at North Albany Middle School, I was 13 years old had my whole life in front of me.  Jesus, what the hell happened…

Believe it or not, American Wedding came out in 2003.  I know, right?  We last left off with Jim and Michelle getting married. The movie was average at best. Sure it had some laughs here and there, and of course Stifler stole the show, but I think everyone was kind of disappointed in how the American Pie people signed everything off.  This was their last big hurrah?  (Of course there were a couple spinoffs that maintained the name such as American Pie: Band Camp and American Pie: The Naked Mile, but why waste your time?)

As the years passed and the American Pie name was flushed down the drain, following in the footsteps of National Lampoons, depression set in.  It just wasn’t right.  And THEN, like a shot ringing out through opening morning of deer season, an announcement came.  The original cast of American Pie was in talks for a new movie.  As more and more people signed on, I began to actually get excited (Part of the problem with American Wedding was that too many people were missing: Oz, Heather, The Sherminator…Nadia).  I hate to ruin the surprise, but American Reunion has everyone back.  This was one of my favorite parts about the movie, getting to catch up all the old characters. While some of them were a stretch, for the most part the way they tied them back around into this one was outstanding.

The soundtrack was amazing; it throws you right back into the good ol’ times.  That’s one of the biggest things the American Pie movies got right, the music.  American Reunion directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (who wrote all the Harold and Kumar movies) stayed true to the original series, and earned a lot of respect out of me in the process.  As I sat down in my comfy Rave 18 theater seat I said to myself, “Please don’t let this thing suck and go off one giant tangent…please…”

Did it succeed?

The Beginning

As things got started, I was happy just sitting in my seat and seeing the same old crew on the big screen again. But it wasn’t long until the happiness started to fade as I realized that I wasn’t really laughing or getting into the movie, I was just sitting there, content with what was taking place.  Content is not a word I want to use when it comes to one of the funniest comedy series of all time, so this wasn’t a good sign. What was happening here?

The first half of the movie dragged on.  Sure, it was kind of funny; and it had the old group together doing their thing again, but it just fell a little flat for me.  I started to resign myself to being happy with “they tried, oh well, it was a fun $8.50.”  (To be fair to the writers, the stuff I was seeing probably worked really well on the page, but fell a little short on the screen.)

The Comeback –

As I was about to mentally check out and start thinking about dinner afterward, something strange happened.  I don’t know whether it was the American Pie flame coming back among the cast as the shoot had progressed, or maybe they just wanted to save the best for last, but this movie got good in the middle, and it got really good by the end.  It put me exactly in the place I wanted to be.  I wanted to be surrounded by 90’s music, I wanted the Sherminator, and I wanted a Lesbian Vicki.  I wanted to see Nadia and her great rack walk in on some band room sex.  I wanted it all and they were giving it to me.  They gave me even more than I could have ever expected from American Reunion, but I’ll save that for you guys to find out for yourselves.  I loved the whole class reunion thing and you will too.

Hot girl of the movie goes to Oz’s girl, even though Tara Reid tried her best.  Chad Ocho Cinco reppin’ the Oregon State Beavers is sprinkled in there, which is awesome because it seems like I’ve heard a lot of University of Oregon banter the past few weeks, and it was good to get a little redemption.  Overall, I enjoyed my movie going experience.  Go check this one out, before it’s too late.

Nic D. Movie Scale – 3.9/5

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