Tuesday Trailers: Not Expecting Much From 'Expecting'

Tuesday Trailers: Not Expecting Much From ‘Expecting’

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We’re trying something new today, it’s called Tuesday Trailers.

Instead of just posting trailers for you to look through over at watch@armovieguys, we thought we’d put a few here also, and talk about our reactions to them. (They’ll still be up over at watch also, we don’t want anyone feeling confused or left out, we aim to please dammit!)



Safety Not Guaranteed

ND: I think this movie has great potential.  I was into it from the very beginning.  I mean, an ad in the paper for a time traveling partner?  Awesome concept!  Good cast and a great story line.  Bonus – Love it when the trailer leaves me wanting more at the end and this one killed it.

In, Out, or Undecided? – In.

ZO: The first thing I thought of after watching this trailer was It’s Kind of a Funny Story. That was another movie that had a solid premise (Zach G. befriends a young kid in an insane asylum) but played out very differently than I expected. Coming off The Hangover, I expected a straight comedy full of jokes and physical mishaps, and got almost the opposite; a quiet, thoughtful movie that was funny in parts, but more focused the dramatic relationships between its characters.

I see this playing out that same way, but if all you read was the logline and title, you would probably think something along the lines of 30 Minutes or Less (except with time travel instead of a bomb) right? Be honest…

Anyway, I love Mark Duplass in The League, and Aubrey Plaza is funny on Parks and Recreation, so I’ll check this one out.

In, Out, or Undecided? – In.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

ZO: Back in December,  the first trailer for this movie couldn’t really decide what it wanted to be. It spent the first minute or so setting up a chick flick story, then switched over to the “dude’s group” and tried to come across as more of a straight comedy that both guys and girls would enjoy, then it flipped back and forth a few more times before the end.

In the few months since then, I think the people in charge of marketing it had an epiphany. The movie is called “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, it’s about young, attractive moms having babies with young, attractive dads. OF COURSE WOMEN ARE GOING TO GO SEE IT!! Trying to convince women to go see this movie is like trying to convince Cee-Lo to do another season of The Voice (wild horses couldn’t pull that guy away from the show, cause once he leaves there’s an 89% chance you’ll never see or hear him again…but I digress). So instead of wasting the marketing on people who are already coming, they’re putting all their chips in on the Dad’s Group idea, and trying to convince guys it’s a bro-comedy that’s socially acceptable to go see.

Will it work? Let’s see how much more footage they burn in the next few months trying to get the point across, because I have a sneaking suspicion that pretty much all of it is in this trailer right here.

In, out, or undecided? – Undecided

ND: Out of the group of trailers we’re talking about this is the one that sticks out to me the least.  I’m not sure if it’s the misrepresentation from trailer one to trailer two or what, but I’m not sold on this one yet.  I guess it will depend on what’s coming out during the weeks it’s in theaters.  I do like the solid cast they put together for it though and there are some funny parts shown in each trailer.

In, out, or undecided? – Out, unless I’m bored.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

ND: Along with ALLL your classic rock favorites…This looks interesting to me.  People losing it and re-thinking their entire lives because an asteroid is on its way to end the world.  What would you do? Steve Carell is the man, no doubt about that, so instantly it makes me want to go see what he has in store.

In, Out, or Undecided? – In.

ZO: I’m firmly of the opinion that Steve Carell is one of the most talented actors out there. This season has made it very clear that he was singlehandedly carrying The Office, only he was doing it so effortlessly that people didn’t even realize it until he was gone. I also think that he’s managed his career very well (with Evan Almighty being the only big time miss), so if he’s in, then I’m in.

I’m also a sucker for Keira Knightley, so there’s that.

In, Out, or Undecided? – Is Steve still in? Then I’m still in…

Titanic 3D

ZO: I watched this trailer multiple times, and I’m still not sure of the appropriate reaction to it. Excitement? Indifference? Annoyance? This movie took “epic” filmmaking to a whole new level, and raised the bar for Hollywood blockbusters, so it definitely has more business being re-released in 3D than some other movies, but I’m not completely sold.

Part of what made Titanic so successful the first time around was that no one had ever seen anything like it, and the sheer scale of it was beyond what people could imagine for movies at the time. Now that everyone else has caught up and surpassed it (including Cameron), will it still have the same impact? Probably, because the other part that made it so successful was its story and characters, and those haven’t been surpassed in the years since.

The bottom line is this: if you had to pick two people to open the same movie successfully 15 years apart, you could do a lot worse than Leo and Kate.

In, out, or undecided? – In (on the concept, at least)

ND: Here is my take on Titanic 3D and I think you’ll agree.  It has been so long since we’ve really thought about this movie, that it’s lost some of it’s pizzazz.  Don’t let that control your decision.  This is really an amazing movie, no matter how girly that makes me sound, I’m standing by it.

We recently wrote a piece about Titanic that stated that this movie is viewed as old and over played, but really it’s not.  I totally agree (with myself)  How many times have you caught 20 minutes on TNT or TBS and said to yourself, this is actually a great movie and NOW it’s gonna be in 3D?  Our 12 year old selves would kick our asses if they knew we missed the chance to see Kate Winslet’s boobs on the big screen in 3D.

In, out, or undecided? – I’m definitely IN

Chernobyl Diaries

ND: Russians are scary just being Russian.  Throw in some possible radio active crazy people and you got yourself a thriller!  I like the originality of the thing, I just hope it’s not going to be a Hills Have Eyes type of movie based in Chernobyl.  Key – Have a legit killer, whatever it may end up being.

In, Out, or Undecided? – Undecided, for now…

ZO: I’m not 100% sure what’s happening here. At the start of this trailer, it looks like we’re behind the lens of a handheld camera and are about to dive headfirst into another “found footage” movie. Considering this is from Oren Peli, who created the Paranormal Activity franchise, that would make sense. But just as I’m loading up for a rant on why the found footage genre needs to be refreshed (or maybe abandoned altogether?), it switches to a traditional camera view and stays that way for the rest of the trailer. So who knows?

Filmmaking techniques aside, Nic is right. As the first Paranormal Activity proved, what you can create in your mind is usually far scarier than anything they could show you onscreen. So in order for this movie to work, I think less is more with the bad guy(s).

And speaking of the bad guy(s), right around the 1:50 mark they take a page straight out of the I Am Legend vampires’ playbook by using a mannequin to create a distraction before striking. Is using this technique some sort of innate instinct that comes with being mutated (by radiation or a bogus vaccine)? Or did the writers just decide that it was better than any original idea they could come up with?

In, Out, or Undecided? – I’ll say in, because I love a good Sunday evening trip to the movies, and when MIB3 (released that same weekend) is sitting there at 12% on RottenTomatoes, I’m going to need an alternative to spare myself that disappointment.

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