Hockey Is A Contact Sport

Hockey Is A Contact Sport

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I saw this movie trailer a while back.  It looked interesting, had Sean William Scott in it, along with Jay Baruchel (a personal favorite of mine since Knocked up) so I kept it on my radar.  As the movie came closer and closer to its release, I realized that this wasn’t going to get much of a release at all (31 total theaters opening weekend), which sort of bummed me out. But Rotten Tomatoes had decent reviews and I’m all for a hockey player movie, especially one based on a true story, so I searched out a theater.

The release date was set for Friday, March 30th.  I looked to see where it might be playing and when.  My only option was the Nuart Theater, which luckily is only a few miles away from my place in Santa Monica, so I asked my roommate if he was down to go to Goon instead of his pitch of Project X, which I wanted to see also, but knew would be equally tough to find this late in its run.  There was little argument once I played him the Goon Trailer, so we set off to the Nuart first thing Saturday afternoon.  (NOTE: The trailer is good, but does not do this movie justice.)

First things first, The Nuart theater…What a great place!  I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my movie going experience at this theater.  The Nuart may seem like an older, somewhat run down theater from the outside, but once you step foot inside, you’re immediately greeted with that old-timey movie theater going experience.  The place has one screen and gets most of its customers during midnight showings of classic movies.  (Last week we drove by and it was The Big Lebowski, so right there, you know the place is legit.)

Although the outside and lobby area are vintage, once you get inside the theater, it’s all business.  I called it the Mullet of the Theaters…Business up front, party in the back.  We grabbed our popcorn and drinks (which were AWESOME by the way…Some of the best movie popcorn I’ve ever had, forcing me to rethink my list of the Top 5 movie popcorns…Landmark Theaters moves to #2 on the list…When I go again, and I will, it might move to #1…that good.) Anyways, once we found our aisle and grabbed a seat, it just got better!  Insanely comfortable, recliner type seats, not too close to each other, with alternated rows so that no one can sit directly in front of you.  I fell in love with the place after that…The movie could have been dog shit and I’d still have been ok with the outcome.

Fortunately for you guys, this movie was NOT dog shit.  It was actually really good.  It’s about a bouncer turned hockey goon, due solely to the fact that he can kick some ass.  Sean William Scott does an impressive job of acting in this movie.  He plays the not so smart, misfit of a son in a family full of doctors.  As the movie progresses a minor league hockey brawl gets out of hand and thrown into the stands like the Pacers, Pistons, Ron Artest (sorry, Metta World Peace) fiasco.  Sean William Scott’s character, Doug Glatt, who is just enjoying the game, lays this player out as he approaches his friend.  The coach witnesses it, gets him a pair of skates and turns him into an enforcer.  You mess with our guys, we’ll send out Glatt to take care of you.

The fight scenes in this movie are violent and awesome.  They get you on the edge of your seat, cringing at the moments when the teeth go flying.  As Glatt beats his way through the minor leagues he lands a more permanent role in the American Hockey League and grows into more than just a fighter.  Goon also depicts the off ice life of hockey players, which leads to a few great scenes of its own.  Throughout the movie another well known enforcer, Liev Schreiber, aka Ross “the Boss” Rhea, is coming to the end of his career.  Everyone who is anyone wants to see the Glatt and Rhea matchup and boy do you get it.

Overall, I had a great movie going experience.  I enjoyed the theater, the popcorn and the movie (not necessarily in that order).  I really hope that Goon gets a few more theaters added to its run to make it more accessible to you guys.  I highly suggest going to this movie if you can find it!  Man up a bit and go!

Nic D. Movie Scale – 4.3/5

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