Every Kid's Fantasy, Every Parent's Nightmare

Every Kid’s Fantasy, Every Parent’s Nightmare

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Throwing a party in high school was always a tricky endeavor, wasn’t it?

Typically your parents would schedule a weekend away for some special occasion (birthday, anniversary, conference…) and you would catch wind of it about a month before it happened. Suddenly those next few weeks would take on monumental importance as you tried to assemble a guest list and get the word out. That part required some savvy, because on the one hand, you needed to keep it quiet from anyone in a position of authority, but on the other hand, enough people needed to know about it that you gained some social cred for hosting it.

When the day finally arrived, you quickly ushered your parents off on their trip, then began your mad dash to get the house ready, pick up any, uh, beverages you may have arranged for, and make sure you were looking your best for the girls (or guys as the case may be), all while secretly worrying whether anyone would actually show up.

The lead characters in Project X did all of these things, but that’s about where the similarities end. After that things fly off the rails…in a good way.

I threw a few parties in my day, but this takes things to an entirely different level. I spent the second half of the movie constantly thinking that the action had peaked, only to be proven wrong each time.  The characters are pretty basic, but I think they’re relatable. Thomas (our main character and party host) does a good job playing the role that we’ve all filled at one time or another. He knows that this probably isn’t going to end well, but he doesn’t want to let his friends down (or continue to be invisible in the eyes of the cool kids) so he goes ahead with it against his better judgement.

Is the movie a little unbelievable? Sure. But its fun, its funny, and at just 88 minutes its got a fast pace and doesn’t really drag in any spots. Producer Todd Phillips was probably aiming for a high-school Hangover here, and while I’m not sure he quite got there, it was still worth the watch. Party on…

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