Is That A Skinny Jonah Hill?

Is That A Skinny Jonah Hill?

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I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big 21 Jump Street fan growing up.  I remember seeing a few episodes here and there, but couldn’t really tell you what went on in them other than, ya, younger looking cops acting like high schoolers (J. Depp) to crack the case.  Might have been a little early for my time?  (I like saying that)

So, what do we have here?  A movie based on something I didn’t really have a high interest in, with a couple of decent actors (Jonah Hill being my main draw).  I like me some Jonah, even with the weight loss…trader.  I saw decent numbers come in the first week and along with that, good reviews.  I haven’t read The Hunger Games (I know, burn me at the stakes) so Jump Street it was this week.

Side Note:  Remember how hard it was to get into an R rated movie when you were 13?  Well, it’s not anymore apparently.

Two complete opposites, Tatum and Hill, are former high school classmates.  One nerd, one popular (take a guess who plays who) that use each others strengths post high school to become cops.  They become friends and then partners…uh, cop partners, not…yeah.  After a mishap with the Miranda Rights not being read to a perp, they are sent to 21 Jump Street to take on undercover roles as high school students.  Brothers to be exact.  Tatum soon finds out that being the stud athlete and badass doesn’t get you as far as it used too.  Hill finds out that the new world of high school is full of do gooders and overly tolerant people and is immediately thrown into the popular crowd.  Tatum gets a dose of what Hill went through 7 years prior and lands in no man’s land.

After breaking almost every rule of what undercover cops can and can’t do, Hill and Tatum are suspended and fired in the same day.  Coming to their senses they disregard their punishments and go to Prom undercover anyway, stumbling head first into the secret drug ring that’s been plaguing the school.  After a few chase scenes, some  inappropriate high school girl woo’ing, and giving us a dose of what we’d all act like if we were cops, they save the day.  Shocking, I know.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play off each other well and there was a great assortment of characters tossed in throughout the movie.  I enjoyed it and had a good time seeing it.  I will say this, I think a few parts of the movie felt a little forced…looking for that cheap laugh, but don’t let this detour you from going to see it because it’s still worth the price of the ticket.  You will laugh and have fun…Ice Cube promises.


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