(armovie)Guy Approved Chick Flicks

(armovie)Guy Approved Chick Flicks

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In honor of this LOVE filled time of year, we want to make the movie watching season a little easier on the men out there with a significant other…hang in there pal, we feel your pain!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of chick flicks that have been approved for use. Tale as old as time, chick flicks are men’s kryptonite…but they don’t have to be! There are movies out there that can attract your gal without 97 minutes of suffering on your part. So no more complaining about zoning out through movies pissed off about the mush and gush of women-ness and answering the inevitable question – “Are you even watching?”

Here’s your solution.

(To save some time, these are not listed in any sort of order)


How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysMatthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson

This is a go to movie for any girl and a perfect movie to have in your collection at home. This one should become the new starter for the first “home stand” (typically a 3rd or 4th date). McConaughey is hilarious in this movie (not as hilarious as this, but still), and with this being the first of the Kate and Matthew runs, it’s not a forced relationship. Approved.

– ND


Jerry Maguire – Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renee Zellweger

You are Jerry Ma-fucking-guire! (Sorry, that’s literally the first thing that pops into my head every time I hear the name).

This one should be a no-brainer for you guys. There’s enough sports here to keep you entertained and it’s actually a good movie. If your girl picks this (or accepts this as your pick) be thankful and move on. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Nic may try to sell you on Elizabethtown, but let’s get real here, if its not Jerry Maguire or Almost Famous (or Fast Times and Ridgemont High), feel free to go ahead and skip the Cameron Crowe experience

– ZO


Forrest GumpTom Hanks and Robin Wright

I could watch this movie 100 times in a row and be making popcorn and dimming the lights like a 6th grader for the 101st time it came on. This is not only a top chick flick approved movie, but it’s a top 5 movie candidate for all time greatest movies (I’ll save that for another discussion) This movie has everything. War? Yep. Love? Check. Humor? “But, Lt. Dan you ain’t got no legs” Are you kidding me? That’s friggin’ gold! Pop this in with your babe and tell me you’re not both satisfied at the end of it.

– ND


She’s Out of My LeagueJay Baruchel and Alive Eve

A new(er) addition to the list! When this movie first came out it got no love…(checking)…boxofficemojo says it did 32 million. I think we were some of the only people that went to see this in theaters and guess what you other 300 million people…scoreboard! If you haven’t seen this movie (and you probably haven’t), do yourself a favorite, take your lady friend (Just stay away from my *&$#ing lady friend – The Dude). Anyways, take your lady into the family room, living room, bedroom (wherever) and have a viewing. Epic! Check er out. *Bonus – Great soundtrack.

– ND


Knocked Up – Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl

The movie that made Judd Apatow a brand and Katherine Heigl a star (which reminds me, is it okay to like Katherine Heigl again? Or will that still earn you a disgusted stare and a lecture from your girlfriend?).

Anyway, odds are you’ve already seen this movie several times, and she probably has too, so this should be a great choice. A word of warning though, you’ll probably find yourselves laughing (movies are always 32% funnier when you’ve got a date and you’re a little nervous) and quoting along with movie nearly the entire time (again, the nerves), so if you’ve got, uh, other plans, you might be wise to choose a movie that will elicit a bit less participation on your part.

– ZO


ElizabethtownOrlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst

Ok, here is a perfect example of a hangover doing some “good.” I happened to catch this movie one morning when I was severely hungover. I was on the verge of dying and didn’t have any motivation to get out of bed at 2 in the afternoon, so how would I have the motivation to reach for the remote. I ended up finishing the movie and together we pulled through HELL. Give this one a try. I don’t recommend going out and buying it, but Netflix this bad boy and earn yourself some brownie points, you won’t hate it.

– ND


TitanicLeonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

This movie is so old and so overplayed! – Everyone

Is it?…IS IT?! Think about it. When’s the last time you actually watched Titanic all the way through? Exactly. Most of your answers were probably along the lines of “Well, they’re right, I caught like 20 minutes of this one night on TNT at 1:30 in the morning and it was a solid 20 minutes.” Be old school. Take your girl and say, “You know what? How about Titanic tonight?” Wow, I sound girly right now. (flipping TV channels) Alright, I’m watching Buck Commander on the Outdoor Channel, that’s better (throws in Copenhagen). Seriously, watch Titanic again…It’s pretty awesome. Bonus – Titanic 3D Coming soon!

– ND


(500) Days of Summer – Joseph Gordon -Levitt and Zooey Deschanel

Some people like to argue (playfully or otherwise) with their significant other, especially during the course of movie. You might argue about whether Rocky’s wife is inspirational or just a pain in the ass, you might argue about whether the ending of Inception was cool or a cop out, but there’s always some banter back and forth. Other people prefer to share an opinion, and spend the whole movie agreeing on it, while burning the other point of view (coincidentally not there to be defended) to the ground.

This one is definitely for the second type. I’ve yet to find a girl who identifies with or supports Zooey Deschanel’s character in this movie (even though some of them could have played her without a hitch). So if you want to spend 90 minutes or so lobbing insults at Zooey with your girl’s approval and support, this is the movie for you.

Also, its entertaining and unique, and funny.

– ZO


SerendipityJohn Cusack and Kate Beckinsale (not to mention Jeremy Piven)

Well Serendipity-do-da! Look what we have here. A true, blue CHICK FLICK. Man, that movie’s such a chick flick. Yes, it is. But, BUT! Hang in there on this one. Girls know about this movie so it won’t take any motivating on your part, she’s already sold! Trust us, we know best. This is an awesome flick. Kate Beckinsale? HOT (and the ASMBS reigning champion). John Cusack? Usually decent in whatever he does. And the topper? Jeremy Piven plays Cusack’s best friend. Case closed.

– ND


A League of Their OwnTom Hanks and Geena Davis

Tom Hanks. That’s it. He’s hilarious in this movie. If you’ve never seen this movie… A) You’re slow AND B) Watch it now, and I’ll forgive you.

I guarantee a minimum three, THREE, laugh OUT LOUD moments. Don’t believe me, bet me. What do you want to bet you laugh out loud during this movie? $5? $10?

– ND


She’s All ThatFreddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook (Matthew Lillard)

Typical 90’s date movie, still awesome. Matthew Lillard is in this, so do it. He sells this movie for the Y chromosomes out there. She’s All That has chick flick written all over it, but that’s only a cover. There are actually some really funny parts in this movie. SEE: Kevin Pollak

– ND


40 Days and 40 Nights – Josh Hartnett and Shannyn Sossamon

If you can get past Josh Hartnett in the lead role (and I know that’s asking alot), there’s actually a few funny scenes here, that will help you get through the movie and make it to the end (which should really be the ultimate goal here).

A quick reminder though, this movie is basically 96 minutes of talking about sex and masturbation, so probably not an outstanding choice for those first few dates, as things could get awkward in a hurry.

– ZO


Big DaddyAdam Sandler (and Crew)

This might be the best movie on the list (behind Forrest Gump of course). It also might be the greatest Adam Sandler movie ever made. Come on Adam, you’re better than you have been lately, seriously. Funny People wasn’t based on a true story was it? Anyways, back to Big Daddy! Great cast, great comedy, great woman appeal. She’ll eat up the little kid in this movie, but make sure you practice safe sex later. She might get ideas.

– ND


The Family ManNicolas Cage, Tea Leoni, Don Cheadle (and again Jeremy Piven)

This is another movie that flew under the radar, but shouldn’t have. Nic Cage is on a bit of a rough stretch right now, but let’s not forget, the guy is was pretty awesome. I still have faith in you buddy! The POINT is The Family Man is a pretty decent flick. It’s got some of the girly moments for the ladies and actually has a pretty good story line to keep our interest as men. Plus, once again, Jeremy Piven delivers as the “awesome” best friend.

– ND


HitchWill Smith, Kevin James and Eva Mendes

This movie really has all of the elements necessary for a successful chick flick. Valentine’s weekend release? Check. Will Smith? Check. Humor? Check. Love story between hot people that other hot people can relate to? Check. Love story where someone waaayyy out kicks their coverage that everyone else can relate to? Check.

Hitch is the ultimate chick flick, cause it’s unabashedly about love, but it’s also one of the movies that guys find most tolerable. True, this is probably in large part because most guys view themselves as the “Hitch” of the story, when in truth they’re much closer to Kevin James, but we can all agree to overlook that, right?

/takes a moment to fondly remember Kevin James, before he committed Paul Blart and Zookeeper.

– ZO


DISCLAIMER: Don’t tell us that these are all just rom-coms and not really chick flicks because they’re not…Tell me a girl that doesn’t like one of these movies…exactly, shutty.

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