Money For Nothin' and Chicks For Free

Money For Nothin’ and Chicks For Free

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The biggest draw for me on this movie was Eddie Murphy. Over the past few years I kept telling myself that Eddie is just sitting in a room somewhere waiting to escape the crap that has been his career for the last few, 10, years. Shrek doesn’t count and Dream Girls is a different story all together. Eddie is awesome. I know this. Shit, I grew up on Eddie and it’s been a rough ride lately for us. When I saw the previews for this movie, I instantly plugged the trailer on the site with high expectations.

I told myself “Eddie is back!” He’s going back to his roots, not that there’s anything wrong with that, and is going to knock out the loud, criminal type that he does so well. Let’s just say I was half right, maybe three-quarters right. He did do a pretty good job, better than his past few flicks, but not quite on the Beverly Hills Cop, Life, Trading Places level. Bottom line, he took a step in the right direction.

Alongside Murphy is Ben Stiller. I’m convinced that Ben Stiller could sit in a chair and look around a room and be funny. He’s got that personality and body language that makes people laugh. Casey Affleck and Mathew Broderick are great, with Broderick getting most of my laughs as the bankrupt former stock trader who has no business being on the wrong side of the law and paints the wimpy guy character to a T. The entourage cast was there and while I think a few things could have been tweaked, overall I enjoyed this movie.

Nic D. Movie Scale – 4/5

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