Meet Billy Beane

Meet Billy Beane

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Zac:  It’s good to be Michael Lewis. No really, it is. First the film adaptation of his book “The Blind Side” earns Sandra Bullock an Oscar (and gets a Best Picture nomination), then Moneyball opens well at the box office, garners rave reviews from the critics, and is generating some Oscar buzz of its own. This success has prompted Hollywood to take another look at his first book, Liar’s Poker, which is now on the fast track to making its way to the big screen as well. Oh, and his new book Boomerang is tops on the NY Times bestseller list. And if all that weren’t enough, his going rate as a writer is upwards of $10/word (and he routinely writes 10,000+ word pieces for magazines such as Vanity Fair). But anyway, back to Moneyball…

This movie had the daunting task of taking advanced statistics, mediocre baseball players, and a place like Oakland, and combining it all into something that people would enjoy watching for two hours. And it absolutely succeeded. Screenwriters Aaron Sorkin and Steve Zaillian did a fantastic job of taking very dense material and making it accessible. They also had the luxury of having Brad Pitt deliver their lines, so maybe it didn’t really matter what they wrote.


Nic D:  Once every couple years there is a sports movie that gets me in the theater.  From the time I first saw the trailer to the actual event I had been fairly excited for this movie. I went all out for this one, stopped at the candy store, got some chocolate covered raisins, sprung for the popcorn and soda.  Power Cope dip was ready and loaded by end of the previews.  I was a one man station ready for complete excellence…and then it hit me.  I knew the outcome of the movie.  How was I supposed to get excited about a movie I already knew the ending to?  Oh that’s right, because of epic story telling, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and a little love for the game, that’s how.  I was immediately thrown into the statistical world of baseball.  Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill played amazingly off each other and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the consistent flow of numbers on the screen.  I really did enjoy myself and think anyone who loves baseball or just awesome movies in general would benefit by checking this one out!

Nic D. Movie Scale – 4.6/5

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