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Nic D: I’d like to believe that there can be humor in every situation.  You just gotta find it.  The world can be a fu*#ed up place, but he who keep-ith a positive outlook and keeps moving forward can get past those rough patches.  Family and friends are the most important things in this crazy life of ours and we can’t forget that.  With them, and J.C., anything is possible.  PLUS, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…solid tunes.  Have a solid soundtrack?  If you do, a half a letter grade is immediately jumped.  With that, you got a great movie here.  Had a little bit of everything in it, from moments that left you rolling in your seat to some that made you ponder about our every day existence as humans.  Deep stuff.  This movie does an amazing job at making the viewer realize that life is a gift and we really should learn to enjoy each minute, because you never know when your time card could be punched.  I don’t want to get too deep here because I’m not all about that, but I think this movie has a lot of bright pieces to it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nic D. Movie Scale – 4.5/5


Zac: It’s not a comedy, it’s not completely a drama, and it’s not a romance; so what is 50/50? It’s somewhere in between. There are some funny moments that keep it from getting too heavy, but 50/50 makes sure that you never forget that you’re dealing with a serious subject. Joseph Gordon Levitt, who’s quietly putting together an exceptional run of movies, is exceptional as Adam; displaying the whole gamut of emotions (anger, denial, fear, shock, rage, etc.) without every going over the top, or seeming like a movie character instead of a real person.


Nic D: You’re right.  JGL is putting together quite the comeback.  Remember when he was the kid who saw angels?  He was awesome back then, and he’s awesome now.  I’m happy for Joe, he’s a good actor and has been proving it big time lately. “You can call it faith, you can call it Angels, you can call it whatever you want…”  With a sprinkle of Seth Rogan and that Anna Kendrick girl, who’s not so horrible to look at, this movie is packed with young talent.


Zac: Speaking of Seth Rogen, I was actually pleasantly surprised by his performance in this movie. I was a little concerned that he’d go over the top into Superbad/Knocked Up mode, but he found just the right level for this movie. Do you think that they chose Seattle because it’s always grey and depressing there, and that’s kind of a metaphor for how he feels after he gets sick? Or were they just running a real good tax credit for movies that shot there?


Nic D:  I’m guessing Seattle was a good place for rain.  Rain = Depression, proven fact.  Lack of sun zaps your energy.  Either way, I think it’s a cool place for a movie.  Seattle probably pays pretty well too…unless you’re the Mariners.  (GO M’s!)


Zac: No, I think you’re mistaken. It’s actually the sun that saps (not zaps) your energy. A lack of sun just makes you want to jump out of a window. I definitely agree that Seattle does provide some good shots for a movie; the downtown always seems to look like a cool place to be.


Nic D: Oh yeah, moths.

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