Contagion vs. The Top 5 Disease Movies

Contagion vs. The Top 5 Disease Movies

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Sunday night 5:00pm: Cracked another beer. Closed the doors on any fantasy football competitors and their chances/hopes of a comeback. Comfortable lead in all three leagues…take that ya criminals! The Sunday night game promised to be a shit show (Still no Payton Manning…) So we did what any other bored roommates would do on a Sunday evening, checked out the movie listings…

Lion King 3D was a kid fest waiting to happen, so we passed on Simba and his 22 million dollar second weekend.

Moneyball looks epic, but I’m not really an opening weekend kinda guy unless it’s something legendary.

Contagion, there it is, good reviews, still sticking around the top 10 on its third week, Matt Damon yelling, “What are you talking about?!…What happened to her!? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!?”…sold!

For some God awful reason we took the bus down there. I hate the bus, it’s always full of, interesting people, and I never feel…right. Anyway, we get there, grab some popcorn, take a seat, and immediately spill the popcorn. Now I’m pissed because the top layer of the popcorn is always the best and mine was on the nasty, sticky floor at the 3rd St. promenade AMC 7 in Santa Monica…shit. (Speaking of, you know what needs to be invented? Some kind of retractable popcorn holder where you can evenly distribute butter and salt. Seriously, make a note).

So, back to Contagion. Contagion was a solid flick. It started off quick and kept on rolling. The best part about this movie was the realistic point of view it portrayed. If there really was an outbreak of this proportion, the movie really hit home about what would “actually” (probably) happen. The thing with pandemics is that they’re just too damn hard to predict.

The difference between Contagion and other disease movies such as Outbreak, Adromeda Strain, 12 Monkeys, etc. is the contstantly changing point of view, and different story angles. Director Steven Soderbergh (Crash, Ocean’s Eleven) is fairly awesome at this…perhaps you’ve heard of him.

Matt Damon’s wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, comes back from Hong Kong. She’s sick, real sick, and both she and her step son are dead in a mater of days after showing flu-like symptoms. So, in pops the government and CDC…let the frenzy of worldwide backtracking start. Where was she? Who was she interacting with? When did this disease first start showing itself? All these questions need to be taken into consideration with something as deadly as this. Plug in all the scientists and testing that needs to take place with any unknown disease, and you’ve got yourself a massive, take no prisoners, just kick em’ in the ass, kind of sickness. It’s everywhere in a matter of a days and no one can figure it out. Cue panic, families losing loved ones, closed businesses, borders being shut down, workers striking, looters…all very realistic and scary things.

The government can only do so much. Even if a cure was found it has testing periods, barriers to cross and then mass production. This can’t happen overnight, there are too many working parts to the machine. And even after that happens you’re faced with the issue of who gets the vaccine first and what drug company will get the credit (credit being money).

I did find parts of the movie to be a little, how do I put this, half-assed. I understand a montage is the quickest way to explain a plethora of problems or happenings, but let’s not have several of them, all to the tune of weird creepy music. Plus, it’s hard to get real excited about a sick people movie when those sick people don’t come back to life to feed off the living…am I right?

Overall I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It did fit nicely into my lazy Sunday routine though, and I would probably say go to anyone who asked me.

The worst part of the night was the bus ride back home after the movie (put yourself in that situation. I just got done watching a disease outbreak movie and then had to ride the BUS home). I get on, sorry, back up…I’m PUSHED on by an old man with a cane and couldn’t help but sit there the entire ride, thinking I was gonna contract SOMETHING from one of my surrounding characters. Probably the lady scratching her legs with a toothbrush and sneezing. Probably her.

Nic D. Movie Scale: 3.8/5

Contagion in comparison of armovieguys Top 5 Disease Movies of All-Time

1. Outbreak

2. 12 Monkeys

3. Cabin Fever

4. Contagion

5. Carriers


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