Is This Speech 217?

Is This Speech 217?

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Tom Hanks returns to the screen in this romantic comedy. FINALLY! He’s back! Hopefully this sticks because I enjoyed Larry Crowne and really like Tom Hanks in this type of role. Now, I don’t think the movie did as well as expected, but they didn’t really have much of an audience following. Even as a die hard Tom Hanks fan, I admit, the only reason I picked this flick is because my family was looking for a movie and I knew it would be appropriate.

Larry Crowne is a retired Navy guy turned motivated UMart employee. After being abruptly fired due to the hardened economy and not having any college experience that would allow him to move up the corporate ladder (Bummer) Larry ventures out into the world looking for new work. Unfortunately, nothing is to be found…(tell me about it)

Lightbulb! He’ll go back to school! Enter Julia Roberts…teacher/cougar. She’s at the end of her rope with how pathetic her attendance and student enthusiasm has been in the past years and what’s going to make this year any better? – I’ll tell you what…Larry Crowne!

So I was right, my parents ate it up while the younger group thought it was just, ok. It kept my attention and I got a few laughs out of it so I’m glad I went. (plus my parents picked up the tab…ah thank you) I wouldn’t be in a big rush to go see this one in theaters again, but when it comes out to DVD I’ll probably give it another viewing.

Overall a solid movie.

Nic D. Movie Scale – 3.7/5

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