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Pockets:  Oh, there you are, Peter!

Latchboy:  But, Peter…you’ve grown up?  You promised never to grow old.

Don’t Ask:  His nose got real big.

Too Small:  Well, welcome back to Never Land, Pan the Man.

Rufio: Don’t listen to that faerie and that brainless fungus!  I got Pan’s sword! I’m the Pan now!  You think this guy’s
gonna take it from me? Rufio?

Pockets: Wait! lf Tink believes, maybe he is.

Rufio:  Are you gonna follow this drooler against Capitan Hook?

Pockets:  What’s he doing here if he’s not Peter Pan, huh? He don’t look happy here.  And who are them kids Hook’s got?  Give him a chance!

Peter: Those are my kids, and Hook’s gonna kill them unless we do something.  Help me. Please.

Tinkerbell: Yeah, come on!  Give him a chance!

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