Who Do You Think Wins?

Who Do You Think Wins?

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So, I went to Cowboys and Aliens this week.  I enjoyed myself and felt the money I spent was justified for what I got in return.  You’ve got to be excited with just the title alone!

Cowboy, Daniel Craig (yep…Bond), awakens to find a metallic bracelet on his wrist.  After trying for a few minutes to get this strange contraption off, he gives up and is immediately in a confrontation with three bandits.  After a swift kick in the ass to each one, he gets himself some new clothes, a great hat, a cool gun and a trusted horse….and we’re off!  (Great opening scene, I thought)

War hero, turned cattle rancher, Harrison Ford (yep…Indy) arrives in the movie when his brat son, Paul Dano, starts running amok in town.  Dano’s bragging how his old man (Harrison) is the most powerful man in town and thinks he can basically get away with anything he wants…not true.  Daniel Craig puts him in his place while Olivia Wilde (who’s not so bad to look at for 2 hrs) watches from off in the distance.  Aliens show up, Bond and Indy join forces, and the journey is on!

Look…I was sold on this movie right off the bat for a few reasons: First off, one of my rules for cinema greatness is that if Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are doing something together…its probably worth taking a look at (see: Indiana Jones). PLUS, when you combine two of my favorite genres (Sci Fi – Western) you’re going to get my 10 bucks.  Easy as that.

Rotten Tomatoes is wrong…I’m right…

Nic D. Movie Scale – 4/5

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