Top Summer Movie #9: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Top Summer Movie #9: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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Release Date: July 6, 1994

Tickets Sold: 79,063,429

Total Box Office (Adjusted): $601,672,695


Forrest Gump is about a simple minded boy that grows up into one of the most inspirational individuals in cinema history.  How many other people have been a football star, a war hero, a national celeb-rity, a shrimpin’ boat captain and college graduate all in one movie.  The one liner that sums up this movie is “Stupid is as stupid does.”


Wow Factor:  “Mamma always said miracles happen everyday.  Some people don’t think so, BUT THEY DO!”  Forrest Gump is one of the best movies of all time, a miracle.  The wow factor of this movie, other than Tom Hanks killing it as the dim witted Forrest Gump, was the way that they were able to take some of the biggest events in history and throw in a little Forrest here and there.  It drew people in and left them wanting more.  I can’t believe it’s only number 9.  If you haven’t seen this movie then your life sucks.  Either watch it or maybe you shouldn’t be in the movie blog reading business.  Your choice. (kidding, tell your friends)


Re-Watchability: Unbelievable acting, side-splitting humor, great soundtrack and history around every corner.  How could you not have gone to this movie more than once?  I was 9 when it came out, so I have a free pass, BUT, I’ve watched Forrest Gump 50+ times since and I still feel like I pick up something new and awesome each time.  That’s one of the best parts about this movie, it never gets old.  Tough feat for any movie, thus top 10 of all time.


Improvement: I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head.  Maybe the part where Bubba is telling Forrest all the ways to cook shrimp and he leaves out shrimp cocktail, how do you leave out shrimp cocktail?  (OR Lt. Dan’s fiancé Karen at the end of the movie…he probably wouldn’t date an Asian woman, they took his legs from him.)


Lessons Learned: When you put Robert Zemeckis on the job, he’ll prolly do ok…More? Hmmm, I think the biggest lesson that future blockbusters can take is the way this movie had a perfect cocktail of awesomeness.  I might be getting a little repetitive, but around every corner of Forrest Gump was something new…whether it was laughter, sadness or ping pong, there was something for everyone and it got the job done.


armovieguys score: 9.75 out of 10.



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