Top Summer Movie #6: That Just Happened

Top Summer Movie #6: That Just Happened

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Release Date: June 12, 1981

Tickets Sold: 86,599,447

Total Box Office (Adjusted): $659,021,792


Indiana Jones is legendary.  Who wouldn’t want to be Indiana?  He’s awesome, adventurous and gets beautiful women left and right.  Raiders of the Lost Ark is mainly about Indy kicking some ass and making sure the Ark doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.  The Ark has super powers and melts faces like Slash.  Seriously!


Wow Factor: You know who makes for a pretty damn good team?  Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, they are like the ‘92 Dream Team of movie makers.  Actually, Spielberg and Lucas are the ORIGINAL Dream Team and the ‘92 Dream Team is like Spielberg and Lucas. Ah HA!  Oh yeah, Harrison Ford.  Ford hopped behind the wheel of the POWER bus and drove from Star Wars to Indiana Jones.  Face it; the guy knows how to be a badass.


Re-Watchability: Other than seeing a college professor whoop up on Nazis, the visual effects were pretty impressive for that era.  To prove my point, Raiders took home Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction and Best Film Editing at the AAs (that’s Academy Awards…that’s your big boy)  People were impressed and wanted more!  I watch the Indiana Jones trilogy (whoops…4 pack) at least once or twice a year….THAT good.


Improvement: Indiana Jones, this champion of a man, SCARED of snakes?  I know he’s human, I know most heroes have their Achilles heel, but snakes?  He’s not scared of the Nazis or the supernatural spirits that come flying out of the Ark?  It’s ok, they can’t get you if you close your eyes…still, he’s not scared of either of those things, but is scared of snakes?  Just an observation…


Lessons Learned: What if everyone in the adventure movie making world sat down and watched Indiana Jones together?  They took notes, had some coffee after and compared their scribbles…Exactly, they’d be like…how do we top that?  The lesson that can be taken from this movie is for ALL adventure movie makers out there to really THINK before they DO…I mean Snakes on a Plane? Battlefield Earth?  These aren’t even good IDEAS for a movie.  Take your greats, Indy, The Rock, Goonies, Con Air and try to come up with something in that same ballpark.  Don’t copy…learn and evolve!


armovieguys score: 9 out of 10.

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