Top Summer Movie #4: Luke, I Am Your Father...

Top Summer Movie #4: Luke, I Am Your Father…

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Release Date: May 21, 1980

Tickets Sold: 96,724,168

Total Box Office (Adjusted): $768,957,136


Just because the Death Star is in shambles doesn’t mean the story is over.  The Empire Strikes Back takes the series to a new level.  The force is strong, but needs to be stronger in Luke Skywalker.  Through Yoda’s training and a few ups and downs, Luke finds himself face to face with Vader in a pretty intense lightsaber fight; I mean serious stuff.  Long story short, Luke loses his hand but gains a father figure.  STOP PULLING YOUR SISTER’S HAIR!  That’s right, Darth Vader is actually Luke’s Dad!


Wow Factor: Have you even seen Star Wars?!  There aren’t a lot of things out there as popular and well respected as Star Wars.  Spaceships, lightsabers, babes (ok…half a babe), and now Yoda!?  Pretty fair to say the wow factor was upped in Empire Strikes Back! Have a nice day.


Re-Watchability: No offense to the smart people out there, but NERDS love Star Wars, plus the anticipation created after New Hope certainly didn’t hurt its popularity.  Movie creators know when it comes to this “class” of movie, the nerds can either rocket your numbers to the top of the box office or strangulate them with their pale, pre-arthritic hands!  The nerds rule the world…FAIL for playing football!  I did rock a few Star Wars Lego sets though…who didn’t?


Improvement: Don’t let brothers and sisters make out…don’t do that!  They could just be friends, right?  Couldn’t they just have a connection without all the other innuendos?  GROSS!


Lessons Learned: Make stuff up that will reel in the pocket protector crowd.  Aliens and lasers are awesome, no argument there, but if you throw in a mix of badass and spaceships, you’re in!


armovieguys score: 9 out of 10.

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