Top Summer Movie #2: E.T. Would LOVE Some Reese's Pieces

Top Summer Movie #2: E.T. Would LOVE Some Reese’s Pieces

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Release Date: June 11, 1982

Tickets Sold: 139,669,852

Total Box Office (Adjusted): $1,062,887,574


E.T. is an overly curious alien that thinks he can do whatever he wants.  First he wonders off away from his family and gets left behind on Earth.  Then he starts scaring everyone, including my 6 year old self and Drew Barrymore.  He makes non-stop messes around the house, gets fall down drunk and ruins a perfectly good Speak N Spell.  It’s ok though, he means well…


Wow Factor: Oh no way, Steven Spielberg was involved in this movie?  Seems to be fairly common in some (most) of our posts.  E.T. connected on superior levels with a little boy named Elliott.  It’s original, it’s a cool idea and it’s executed it to a T.  I don’t think people expected this movie to be so well made.  1982 was a long time ago and its special effects made it one of the all-time greatest.  There are a select few movies that you can watch 20-30 years later and they still look pretty damn awesome. (cough…Back to the Future)


Re-Watchability: Not only was this a “family” movie, but it also hit home with adults.  It had a wide range of likeability and brought everyone to the theatres for a look.


Improvement: I don’t like the fact that E.T. turns moldy white when he’s sick.  He looks like three week old dog sh##.  Couldn’t they turn him into more a blue-ish color?  I know when I get left out in the woods by myself and wake up next to a stream in October with raccoons crawling all over me I’d prolly be a little white too, but let’s think about a different color scheme next time fellas.  Anything is possible.


Lessons Learned: Make sure the alien almost dies, but doesn’t.  Don’t piss off your viewers.  Give ‘em what they want.  Oh, and put Spielberg’s name on the top of the screen if you can.


armovieguys score: 9.25 out of 10.

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