Horrible is an Understatement

Horrible is an Understatement

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Zac: Back in 1998, the Farrelly brothers made a gamble. They bet that a movie built around raunchy humor would get people talking, and whether they liked it or not it would make them laugh, a lot. They were right on both counts.  There’s Something About Mary became a huge hit that summer, grossing nearly $370 million dollars against its budget of a mere $23 million. A few years later, Bad Santa upped the ante, proving that even if you spent the entire movie cursing like a drunken, politically incorrect sailor, people would go see it as long as it was funny.  The summer of 2011 (Bridesmaids, Hangover 2, Bad Teacher) has re-affirmed what those movies first proved, it doesn’t have to be classy, proper, or politically correct…it just has to be funny.  The latest movie to try and successfully meet that challenge is Horrible Bosses.  I have to admit I was becoming progressively more worried about this movie as the release date drew closer and new trailers and TV spots kept popping up featuring new jokes.  I am happy to report however, that they didn’t fire all of their ammunition, and there were still plenty of laughs in the theater.

Nic D: What a great line up!  I was sold from the beginning when I first saw the previews.  Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and (recently) Charlie Day have been on my MUST WATCH list.  Charlie Day is moving up the list rapidly ever since I saw Going The Distance.  Yes, I know that is a chick flick, but check it out, it’s hilarious!  I still need to get back into It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia…anywho…back to Horrible Bosses.  I agree with Zac here, after seeing this movie I was a little bummed out that they decided to pull out all the stops by showing a lot of the scenes in an arrangement of different previews.  I think they could have held back a little more, but maybe they were worried about the numbers they were going to pull.  With a $28.1 mil opening they must have done something right.  I would suggest this movie, absolutely.  The characters are amazing and even go outside of some people’s comfort zones. Farrell as a Grimy Coke Head Boss AND Aniston, who is beyond hot in this, playing the sexual harassing boss?  Yep.

Zac: People love movies where they can relate to the characters, and one of the biggest draws of this movie was the fact that at one point or another, most people have had a boss that they didn’t particularly like.  However, don’t go in here expecting to see someone like your boss up on the screen; the characters played by Spacey, Aniston, and Farrell are way over the top in their “Horrible”-ness (which makes sense…”Pain in the Ass Bosses” probably wouldn’t have worked quite as well).  For me, Farrell stole the show as a “Grimy Cokehead”, and his lines during the outtakes at the end were every bit as funny as the ones in the movie, so make sure you stick around for a few minutes while the credits are rolling.

Nic D: I just wanna say something real quick.  Playing outtakes, freeze framing the main characters in their element, and slapping their names underneath is the coolest way to end a movie, EVER!

They call me girl…They call me Stacey….They call me her….They call me Jane…

That’s not my name…THAT’S NOT MY NAME…That’s not my name…THAT’S NOT MY NAME!

Nic D. Movie Scale:  4.1/5

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