Finals - Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown

Finals – Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown

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Here it is.  The day is upon us.  CAN. YOU. BELIEVE IT!? Our two LOVELY ladies will be facing each other for one of the most prestigious awards in cinema.

Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown Finals

Let’s get right into the Pre-Game Show.

Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown Road to the Finals

Welcome to the ASMBS Road to the Finals preview. What a wonderful trip it’s been!  We’re joined by some of Adam Sandler’s biggest co-stars…Allen Covert, Jonathan Loughran and Peter Dante, welcome to the show guys.

Peter Dante, Allen Covert, Jonathan Loughran Pre Game Panel

Covert:  Great to be here, what an event.

Dante:  This is so friggin’ awesome.  I’ve said it for years, Sandler is the movie babe king and I’m glad somebody finally brought it to the table.

Covert:  Exactly, long over due.

Loughran: Heh heh heh.


Dante:  Tell you the truth; I was a little sad Cardellini wasn’t in the pack, here.

Covert:  Only Sandler movies dude…

Dante:  Oh, right…Uh…Gotta go with Decker then.  Remember sitting on the beach with Loughran here and thinking we’re way too old for this girl…She’s so friggin’ HOT!

Loughran:  Heh he heh.

Covert:  Beckinsale.

Dante:  Are you kiddin’ me?  Why?

Covert:  Because I was pissed we didn’t get to work on Click.  We were shooting Grandma’s Boy and she’s the one that got away.

(Short pause)

Dante:  Decker.

Covert:  Beckinsale.

(Leaving the room in a rant)

Dante:  You’re an idiot, come on Lough!  You friggin’ blind on set last year?  (Holds up imaginary boobs)…ENOUGH said!

Covert:  He’ll be fine.

Let’s take a quick break, we’ll be right back.

Welcome back to the Road to the Finals show, and before we go any further, let’s check in with AccuScore and see how they see this one breaking down.

Decker vs. Beckinsale Preview

And as you can see, it really looks like a toss-up, just as it should be for a championship.  Its been a very entertaining and exciting tournament up to this point, and each of our contenders can make a strong argument for having the tougher path in getting here, so let’s take a closer look at how we got here.

First up, Kate Beckinsale.

Beckinsale started her journey a little over 2 weeks ago, cruising through the first round versus a seasoned Keri Russell.  She met up with Salma Hayek in the Elite 8, where Kate put her head down and motored through.  And as you see so often with a win like that, it really became something more, and gave Kate the extra confidence she needed going into the Final Four.  I mean, if YOU beat out Salma Hayek, you’d probably feel a little better about yourself, right?  I think so.  MOVING ON.  In the Final Four, she faced a very motivated and intense Marisa Tomei, and as we all saw, the turn around for Kate came during a crucial time out.  Whatever Rudy said, it worked, and Tomei is breaking the bank for the fines she was slapped with while Kate Beckinsale plays for the championship.

Kate Beckinsale is a contender.  She doesn’t know how to fail. (cough…thanks A.J.)  When the goin’ gets tough (which it’s going to, because Brooklyn Decker IS in the other corner), the TOUGH get goin’!  Don’t count her out just yet.

And now, Brooklyn Decker.

Brooklyn arrived in the tournament via a play-in game against Jenn Aniston. Jenn may have had the upper hand 10 years ago, but not 3 weeks ago.  And THIS WAS JUST TO GET ‘IN’ THE TOURNEY! Wow, what a cast in Just Go With It!  Decker then found herself facing one of the biggest underdogs of the tourney, Fairuza Balk, and poor Fairuza didn’t stand a chance.  She moved on to face Winona Ryder in the second round, where the momentum of two games was TOO much for Ryder, who fell by the wayside (ate the dust, got her corn…creamed…uh, yeah).  Decker seemed to be cruising, but then she ran into Jessica Biel, who proved that Decker wasn’t a machine, SHE’S A wo(MAN)!?  There was a lot of money riding on Biel going into that Final Four match-up.  Everyone thought Decker had met her match, but what an amazing breakthrough game for Decker, who found her groove and added some impressive defense to the arsenal.

And I think its safe to say, Brooklyn Decker wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t found that defense.  It was like a CHEETAH getting to that top speed mark, stride, stride…stride…lightning.  Slow motion Michael Jordan slam…LIGHTS.

And now let’s head out to the arena to check in with Walter Scheems, Walter?

Staples Center

Walter: “Thanks guys. We’re about 10 minutes away from tip off here guys and I have to tell you, this is shaping up as one of the greatest games of the century.  Can you believe the talent that was laid out the past 3 weeks? Just amazing.  When you tell your children about the leading women of your time, you can say two words, Sandler Collection.”

Speaking of which, Adam Sandler is now making his way out to the center of the court for the National Anthem.

Silence. Song. Crowd Eruption. Sandler Wave.

Wow, Walter what is atmosphere like there at the arena tonight?

Walter:  “I have NEVER heard a more intense crowd than we have here tonight.  We’re about 5 minutes away from Tip Off.  Back to you guys in the studio.”

Alright, that’s gonna do it here for us.  We’d like to thank everyone for tuning in tonight.  This promises to be an exciting and unpredictable match up, but at the end of the night only one will be hoisting the Adam Sandler Movie Babe Trophy.  Who will it be?

Stay tuned.

Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown Pre Game Intros

Welcome to the arena everyone.  Let’s get right into it as they’re ready to tip it off.

The tipoff goes to Decker, and we’re off!  Brooklyn doesn’t hold back.  She takes an immediate three and drains it.  Beckinsale never expected it.  Beckinsale’s ball.  Slow dribble down the court.

What’s Beckinsale’s strategy here guys?

Beckinsale definitely saw the type of game Decker is capable of playing during the last round, so her game plan will be to GRIND down the speed of the game to her liking.  She knows Brooklyn is gonna come out swinging, but needs to slow the tempo down to better suit her style.

Beckinsale two.  Steal. Two.  Decker slaps the ball in frustration.

And Decker’s strategy?

Well, I think the Decker strategy is to continue to use what has worked for her during the tournament so far.  She has primarily relied on her up tempo offense, which can disorient her opponents and put them in a 10 point hole before they ever know what happened.

Decker Three.  Beckinsale Two. Decker Two.  Beckinsale 3. Decker Miss.  Beckinsale Miss. Decker Miss.  Beckinsale Two.

11-8 Beckinsale. Time Out Team Decker.  We’ll take a quick break and be back in a moment.

And we’re back. Decker and Beckinsale trade shots left and right, the score remains Beckinsale up by 3.  Beckinsale’s strategy of slowing the game down seems to be working.  Decker FORCES a turn over and lays one in, cutting the lead to 1 at half time.

And our score at the half, Beckinsale 29 Decker 28.  Now let’s head down to the court for tonight’s halftime show.

And we’re ready to get the second half underway.  Beckinsale will start with the ball.  AND SHE’S OFF!  Beckinsale doesn’t hold back.  She springs to the basket again and again.  Decker struggles to keep up.  She does her best to stay in, hitting back to back 3s.  Beckinsale’s change of pace looks to have Decker on the ropes, but she doesn’t give in.  Beckinsale extends her lead to 5 at the 10:00 minute mark.

Beck 45 Deck 40

Decker comes out and hits another 3 to bring it within 2.  She claps her hands together and motions to the crowd to get “IN IT!”  (The crowd does, everyone is on their feet)

Beckinsale doesn’t seem to be fazed by the noise at all, firing a couple deep 2s to extend her lead to 6.  Decker has no answer for it.  The game stays at 6 until Decker comes out of nowhere with a 4 point play.

Beck 60 Deck 58

Beckinsale takes her time walking the ball up the court, gathering at the top of the key before crossing over and firing up a deep 2. Beckinsale MISSES!  SHE MISSES!

As the clock ticks under a minute, Decker holds, looking for her shot.  AND HITS IT!

TIE GAME.  Time Out Beckinsale.

Following the timeout, Beckinsale takes the ball up the floor; she’s got plenty of time…tick…tick…tick…Beckinsale takes off early, crosses Decker over and pulls up for a 10 footer.  DRAINED!  She does the Jordan shrug as she runs back down to court.

Its 62-60, Beckinsale with :30 seconds left and we’ve got a timeout for Team Decker

Decker comes out of the time out looking for a quick 3, but can’t connect.  Rebound Decker. Put Back. Miss. Beckinsale Rebound.  DECKER HAS TO FOUL!  SHE DOESN’T REALIZE THE TIME AND WASTES A GOOD 8 SECONDS!!  Beckinsale goes to the line with :10 left.

MISS. MAKE. 63-60. Team Decker calls their last time out.

Are we looking for a three here? Are we looking for a quick 2 and foul?  What do you do?  I ALWAYS go for the glory.  I think you gotta tie it up quick and look for OT.

Beckinsale is glued to Decker.  Decker crosses over and takes an off balance 3………………….SWISH as time expires!!!

What a shot by Decker!  And we’re headed to overtime here in the ASMBS Championship!!

Beckinsale wins the tip to start the extra period, and goes for the throat.  She delivers with an amazing (but still girly) lay-in.  Decker looks tired.  Does she have anything left in the tank?  The two girls trade shots.  SOMETHING needs to happen.  Beckinsale looks at the game clock; it’s under a minute again.  Decker pounces and an immediate foul is called.  Decker if furious with the call, but manages to avoid the T.

Beckinsale receives the ball, dribbles, breathes, MAKE.  Repeat. MAKE.

Decker inbounds and immediately looks for the lead.  She converts a huge 3 and hurries back on defense.  Beckinsale knows what she needs to do here.  She takes her time and waits for her shot, backing Decker underneath the hoop.  She turns, squares up, and drains the go-ahead!

:04 seconds left on the clock.  Can Decker do it again?  Forgoing the time out, Decker hurries the ball across mid-court and picks up her dribble.  She looks for a time out.  No time.  She goes up and is blocked by the hungry Beckinsale.  Crowd goes silent, looking for the foul.  Referee Duvall motions CLEAN BLOCK.

And that will do it.  GAME.  What a way for it to end!

Champion:  Kate Beckinsale

Streamers. Crying. Hugs. Fist Pumps. TROPHY.

Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown Cutting Down the Nets

We’d like to thank our sponsors, our fans and most of all, ALL the girls that partook in the tournament.  We couldn’t have asked for a better finish.  STAY TUNED for more from armovieguys.


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