3D Movies – Vision of the Future?

3D Movies – Vision of the Future?

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Did you know that 3D movies have been around for over a hundred years? …No?  Well they have been.  In the late 1800’s some Brit by the name of William Friese-Greene, projected two films side by side and had viewers look through some sort of stereoscope that converged the two pictures.  Pretty awesome, right?  Not really.  Since only one person could view the movies at a time, this was kind of just a neat little side project for Bill.

It wasn’t until the 1920’s when The Power of Love (Great song I know, HUEY!! OWWW!! but no…it was a movie) was shown to a paying audience.  Again, not so awesome and kinda hurt peoples eyes.  Ok, enough with the history lesson.

Fast forward to the 1950’s.  The “Golden Era” of 3D movies.  You know, with the cardboard red and green glasses.  (The ones your weird uncle ripped out from his EPIC comic books, because he wanted “his” glasses, not the stupid theater’s….his were better)  Personally, I remember getting these glasses in a box of Fruit Loops to look at the back of the box when I was inhaling my daily three bowls of goodness.  I remember looking up at my dad, glasses on, and asking if he really used to watch movies with these.  He answered yes, and how I was missing out on the classics…”Uh, yeah…Ok Dad…whatever…(SLURRRP)”

Little did we know, Dad was right!  Can you imagine having gone to Avatar in regular D?  What? That’s not right? Ok??? Can you imagine haven gone to Avatar in 2D?  Exactly, it would have been an “ok” movie, maybe even kinda crappy and long.  Nothing really to write home about, just theaters mostly filled with Sci-Fi freaks and uber nerds that would eventually learn the Na’vi language and use it to try and pick up girls at the next Comic Con.  I don’t really KNOW what Avatar would have been like, because like 99% of the world, I saw it in 3D.  And it was pretty friggin’ awesome!  BUT WILL 3D STICK?!

I had to think long and hard about this.  I’ve been to probably 10 movies, since Avatar, in 3D.  Now, I rush to the theaters in the second week of the show I want to see, because I’m afraid the NEW 3D release will kick it out of the theater for its debut.  “WE HAVE TO GO THIS WEEK…HARRY POTTER COMES OUT ON FRIDAY AND IT’S GONNA GET THE BOOT!…GET YOUR COAT, DAMN IT! – I’LL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU!”

My gut says that 3D won’t stick around forever.  I think as a community things get grizzled to us. In and out. (not the burgers, those are delicious)  I can’t really remember anything that I haven’t got tired of?  AOL Instant Message, gone.  Talking on a land line, history.  Jobs, work in general. Myspace got creepy.  Lebron got scared. Things get old…Simple as that.

BUT IT’S 3D! – IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER! – Well yeah, but then will it be 3D anymore?  Is 10D possible?  (Googling it) I didn’t think so.  Maybe someday? (fingers crossed) – I’m just saying it how it is.  I may not be right, (cough, rarely am I wrong) But I honestly think that this is going to be just another phase.  A jean shorts in the 90’s phase.  A standard definition Packers game…phase.  Just you wait. BUT THEY’RE COMING OUT WITH TONS OF NEW 3D TV’s AND THE WORKS!? – Yeah, but 8 years ago plasma was badass…and now they’re the TV’s people get when they want a big screen, because they can’t afford the LED, 700000 Hertz 80 inch…That’s what I thought, shut up.

As for 3D, NOW, no question, this is the way of cinema.  If you have some epic thriller or some giant, animated, talking brown trout movie…Most likely it’s going to be popping off the screen in theaters, but NOT for long.  Again, I repeat, YES NOW…MORE AWESOME-ER LATER.

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