West Bracket – Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown

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We’re now LIVE from the Staples Center in Los Angeles with the first round of our West bracket.  A LOT of hopple bopple this morning that we are going to see an early favorite emerge from this Western Conference bracket.

Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown West Bracket

There are most certainly some legends of our time going against some up and comers in these early rounds which should provide us with some amazing matchups.  I can’t wait to get started, SO, sit back, relax and LET THE GAMES BEGIIINNN!!

Kate Beckinsale (Click) vs. Keri Russell (Bedtime Stories)

Kate Beckinsale vs. Keri Russell

Again, right out of the chute another amazing first round match up.  Kate versus Keri, GADzookes. Has Kate Beckinsale EVER looked bad? No, and the same goes for Click.  Amazing. Sassy. “All-American-ish”.  It gives me little, to no pain to do this, and Keri is fairly gorgeous, but I have to hand this one to Kate. She is just amazingly hot in this movie, and all movies, but those don’t count.  Click proves that pajama shorts and a t-shirt can be sexy as hell and as cute as Keri is, AINT. GONNA. CUT IT!  Kate is Charlie Sheen “WINNING” – That good.

Winner: Beckinsale

Tea Leoni (Spanglish) vs. Salma Hayek (Grown Ups)

Tea Leoni vs. Salma Hayek

Anyone rooting for the Western Conference yet?  Salma Hayek (howl) versus a 1-0 Leoni in this close seeded matchup.  Can you believe that this is happening?  I can’t.  Adam. If you are out there, you are one lucky Cajun man.  Come on, this isn’t fair.  Salma Hayek is seriously one of the sexiest women alive.  I keep wanting to break the rules and comment on past situations…movies…say…cough…Desperado.  NO!  We are basing this on a single movie…A SINGLE MOVIE! – Ok, back to the matchup.  Oh yeah, Salma.  Next frame.

Winner: Hayek

Bridgette Wilson (Billy Madison) vs. Marisa Tomei (Anger Management)

Marisa Tomei vs. Bridgette Wilson

OOOO VERONICA VAUGHN, SOOOO HOT.  WANT TO TOUCH DE HINEY! OWEEEE-WHO!! Yes, Bridgette Wilson is the first Adam Sandler Movie Babe.  She is the original.  She is in it, to win it.  But while she may be the first movie/babe we took into consideration, she has an INSANELY tough draw here against a breath taking Marisa Tomei.  Have you seen Anger Management?  She doesn’t even look like the same person in this movie.  Don’t get me wrong, she has always been beautiful, but this movie was her peak.  It had to have been, right?  I mean…Come on! Right?! – Rewatch it, you’ll get it…The winner of this match is Marissa, but don’t go chasing waterfalls Bridgette, you will always be remembered.

Winner: Tomei

Julie Bowen (Happy Gilmore) vs. Kristy Swanson (Big Daddy)

Julie Bowen vs. Kristy Swanson

Red Bra. Red Bra. Red Bra.  No matter how hard I try, and I don’t ever try, I can’t get past that image of Kristy running through the kitchen in that red bra.  It’s just bounce, bounce, some kind of words, bounce, upset face, and SCENE.  Into the second half Julie Bowen turns it up a notch.  A big notch.  Hey, Public Relations lady.  Have you seen Shooter McGavin?! – Smile, looks down at the freshly trimmed fairway (the golf course pervs), looks up AAAANNDDD there’s the smile.  JB proves that motivation and perseverance wins matches.  This match up reminds me of Rocky Balboa V. Clubber Lang (Mr. T.) in Rocky III– Kristy comes out swinging 1000 times in the first 3 rounds, but in the 4th and 5th JB takes the wind out of her, motions a glove to “COME ON, HIT ME AGAIN WOMAN,” and then ENDS IT!  Congrats Julie Bowen…VV!

Winner: Bowen

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