Selection Sunday – Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown

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(Cue dramatic intro music)

We all know that Adam Sandler has had some smokin’ hot betties in his movies (if you haven’t noticed, then this probably won’t be for you). Sandler is the KING of movie babes.  Just think about it for a minute, I’ll wait…

Keep goin…


EXACTLY. WOW!  Sandler’s list of co-stars looks like the annual Maxim Hot 100.  So in honor of March Madness, let’s break ‘em down and determine a winner once and for all.

Adam Sandler Movie Babe Showdown Bracket

Before we get started, here are the ground rules:

1) We’re only including movies where Adam Sandler was the star.  I know that he was in Overboard and Airheads…shut up…But I’m starting with Billy Madison and working my way to Just Go With It.

2) Only women with a sizeable part in the movie are eligible.  There are a ton of good looking women in some of these movies that I’m gonna skip over, I’m aware of that, and if I miss a girl that you think should be in here, feel free to tell me, but odds are its either a bit part (January Jones – Anger Management) or she just sucks (Nancy McClure – Happy Gilmore).

3) We’re making the call based SOLELY on their appearance in the movie.

Before we get to the first round matchups, there’s a few play-in games to be settled…

OK! LET’S DO THIS – First UP!  (Man, I’m excited)

Play-In Game #1 – (Drew Barrymore – 50 First Dates V. Drew Barrymore – Wedding Singer)

Drew Barrymore movie comparison

For me this wasn’t a tough match up.  Drew B from Wedding Singer, duh, she never looked better! Great movie, great look…This was until my drunk roommate voted for Drew B in 50 First Dates when I let him “vote” for his favorite.  Funny thing is that the movie just happened to be on (50 First Dates).  So we sat there, together, drank another beer, and watched for a solid 20 minutes.  I looked over at him; he looked back with a slight glaze, silently burped and passed it through the corner of his mouth.  He said, “Whattya think?”  I looked back and said, “Drew Barrymore, Wedding Singer…WINNER!” NEXT!

Play-In Game #2 – (Brooklyn Decker – Just Go With It V. Jennifer Aniston – Just Go With It)

Brooklyn Decker vs. Jennifer Aniston

Unfortunately, I haven’t gone to see this movie, yet.  So I am basing this answer on just the previews.  BROOKLYN DECKER! – Sorry, Jen.  You are, without a doubt, GORGEOUS, but I just can’t see you taking this match…(Sigh…)

Play-In Game #3 – (Keri Russell – Bedtime Stories V. Emily Watson – Punch Drunk Love)

Keri Russell vs. Emily Watson

Gotta go with the beautiful Keri Russell in this one.  She always looks so damn cute, doesn’t she?  I mean, Cougar, with a capital C!  Emily Watson is a nice person.

Play-In Game #4 – (Tea Leoni – Spanglish V. Paz Vega – Spanglish)

Tea Leoni vs. Paz Vega

This was harder than I thought it was gonna be.  Spur of the moment, I said Tea.  I didn’t even hesitate, BUT I went to the tape.  Spanglish is a great movie and Paz is a smoking hot babe…Grrr…Gotta stick with my gut though…TEA, you crazy lady, you ARE the next American Idol (out of the Play-In Game round and into the actual bracket.)

Play-In Game #5 – (Joey Lauren Adams – Big Daddy V. Kristy Swanson – Big Daddy)

Joey Lauren Adams vs. Kristy Swanson

Oh Vanessa (Kristy Swanson)…Damn, you are hot.  Joey Lauren (LAYYYLLAAAA), don’t get me wrong, you are a looker yourself, but that opening scene in Big Daddy when Kristy is “in a hurry” in that red bra?  Yikes…plus I had just graduated 8th grade, so yeah, you do the math…YIKES.

Come back Tuesday when I’ll reveal the rest of the bracket, and go through the first round matchups

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