Stallone Proves 60 Ain't So Bad

Stallone Proves 60 Ain’t So Bad

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Can you handle the heat? I hope so, because The Expendables bring back the core of badass.  This is a once in a lifetime line-up (UPDATE: Twice in a lifetime, apparently) that no one should miss.  I’m going to re-state that.  If you are looking for a straight up “MAN MOVIE,” then this flick is for you and you should not miss it.  Leave the women and children at home, because Stallone delivers another blood bath filled production with some of his oldest friends. And I do mean oldest friends.  Don’t be distracted by their over-the-hill-ness though.  Stallone proves you can be 60+ years old and still blow heads off (literally) with the best of them.  Top this crew: Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Courture (awesome), Terry Crews, and Steve Austin.  You can’t.  You can try, but you will not succeed. Squeeze Bruce Willis and The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger in there and you got yourself a friggin’ movie!

I was talking to one of my buddies the other day (another man-crushing Stallone lover, like myself), and we had a hard time not putting this movie in the top 5 or 6 action movies of all time.  No Sci-Fi or comic-related movies are allowed in the greatest action movie conversation, so what’s that leave you with?  Die Hard (of course), Gladiator (duh), Rambo (this is in no particular order) and 300 (THIS IS SPARTA!).  After that what?  Indiana Jones and Platoon both get votes. Maybe Bourne Identity? Lethal Weapon? Speed? The Expendables may have earned a spot.  Watch this movie and then tell me it doesn’t squeeze in there with the best of em’.

Nic D. Movie Scale: 4.2/5

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