Taking it to a Whole 'Nother Level...Yep

Taking it to a Whole ‘Nother Level…Yep

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Nic D: The. boys. are. back!  That’s right, the bruise crew takes the screen again as Johnny Knoxville and friends take being an idiot to the next level, and engage in the 3D wave that is sweeping motion pictures today.  Showcasing a few new tricks guaranteed to make people squirm, Jackass 3D really does push shots to the testicles to the near limit.  Reaching back into the archives of Jackass in the early 2000’s, Knoxville shares old and new backbreaking moments with the legendary Steve-O, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Wee-Man and Preston.  We sat through this painful, but amazing experience and came out smiling on the other side.  We’re confident you’ll do the same.

Nic D Movie Scale – 4.2/5

Zac: One of my favorite movie-going memories happened back in 2002.  Some buddies and I decided to go see a show one Saturday night, and to our surprise, nearly everyone else in our group of friends had the same idea.  There were probably 50 of us altogether; laughing, talking, and predictably causing quite a scene (including the token few who threw up their hands and screamed during the rollercoaster animation before the movie).  Then the lights went down, the movie started, and within minutes we were all laughing hysterically as a rented car was completely demolished in a derby, then taken back to the dealership to be returned.  It takes a special kind of movie to have you laughing so hard you cry before everyone has even taken their seats, and that special  movie was Jackass.

8 years later I’m happy to report that the gang is back in business.  After a funny but forgettable Jackass 2 that veered more towards shock factor than comedy, the 3rd movie in the franchise brings the laughs once again.  The 3D in the movie is great, but it’s the stunts themselves that keep you laughing, wincing, cringing, and then laughing some more.  Whether it’s a gauntlet of tasers or a jet engine, there’s a ton of funny stuff here, and any fan of the original will definitely enjoy themselves.  Don’t leave before the closing credits, when they alternate between outtakes from the movie, and clips from the original show.  It’s fun to see some of the stunts that made the show famous (shopping carts?), and see just how far the crew has come.  Did I enjoy it?  Of course.  Did it make me feel old?  Absolutely.

Nic D: I was there.  I remember Chris laughing at the top of his lungs like a girl.  I remember Hall smacking the back of random strangers seats with his crutches, gasping for air.  I think if we were back in that same situation, this time with Jackass 3D, lightning would strike twice.  I just hope the night would end differently than 02′.  I remember it like it was yesterday, 1970 Sport Custom, bench seating, pretty girl…Who apparently had a boyfriend (still?) even though she decided to go to the movie with me.  Girls SUCK (little off topic).  I also was far less repulsed during Jackass 3D.  The first one was great, but still had some of the gag factors that didn’t thrill me.  Two? Uh, yeah.  But 3(d)?  All but a few scenes, I could handle.  I’m not a wimp or anything, I just don’t need to see little toy cars shoved up a grown man’s buttock.  One of the absolute best parts about the Jackass era was the spawning of idiots all around the world filming themselves doing stupid shit.  Including us.  Yes, “Ya’ Ass” (our lower budget version) was released in the Summer of 03′ and my knee still isn’t the same after Albany skim boarding.  The highlight for me was screaming “I hate Albany skim boarding!” as I slammed down the board and walked off screen, trying not to burst into laughter.  Ahh, those were the days.

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